Domestic Students


UNSW Australia is now more susceptible to influenza outbreaks because of the high-density living conditions and diverse student population. The spread of the flu virus is increased in shared rooms, common rooms, classrooms, large communal dining areas, shared restrooms and constant interaction with other students. All students and staff commuting to the Kensington campus via public transport, with close contact with people (whether on trains and/or buses) can increase the risk for influenza infections.

2014 is the first time there have been such a high number of students living on campus with the opening of a number of new residential colleges and terraces. The advantages of college and apartment living are attractive but they also bring together many young people in close proximity. This promotes the spread of infectious diseases.

For this reason the UNSW Health Service in partnership with Divisional Services and Faculties is offering free Flu vaccines to all UNSW staff and residential students.


For further information, please click on the links below to download the flu factsheets:

UNSW Health Service

We are here to provide a quality health service to the Students, Staff & visitors of UNSW. Students are our priority and our Doctors, Nurses and Administration staff are non-judgemental and have a special interest in youth health. General Practitioners (Doctors) and Specialists operate their own practice within the facility, which is managed by UNSW. 


Medical Certificates and Special Consideration Forms

Refer to the UNSW Special Consideration webpage and download the appropriate form. Students should see their regular doctor or the doctor that was consulted during their illness. As a general rule, it is not appropriate for a Doctor to write an illness that they were not consulted about at the time. Certificates are not treated as a medical emergency and will be scheduled as routine appointments (it might be 2 days until the next routine appointment). However, appointments for actual illness are prioritised according to severity.


Curently students will be bulk-billed (Medicare). Students are asked to present their UNSW student card and Medicare card at the time of each consultation. See the reception staff for travel vaccination costs. 


Making an appointment

We have an appointment system. You make an appointment by telephone or by walking in and asking at reception. Priority appointments are allocated each day based on severity of illness. So, please tell us if you are sick, as we have appointments reserved for illness on the day. A standard Doctors/ Nurse appointment is for 10-15 minutes for 1 problem. Ask for a longer appointment if needed. Male and female Doctors are available. We encourage you to see the same Doctor if possible, so that your health is carefully followed. Bring your current UNSW student card and your OSHC Worldcare or Medibank OSHC card to your consultation. 


We send SMS reminders for appointments.


Online booking system – download the appointuit app.


After hours care - in the local area (Kensington)

For emergencies, call an ambulance or go to the local hospital

Emergency telephone number – dial 000.


Hospital / Emergency 


Prince of Wales Hospital / Sydney Children’s Hospital are the local hospitals


Adult emergency is in Barker Street, Randwick              Telephone: 9382 2222

Children’s hospital emergency is in High Street, Randwick     Telephone: 9382 2222


24 hour Health Direct – telephone advice


Health Direct                                                         

Telephone: 1800 022 222 


Home Visits  


If you require a Doctor to visit you at your home or college, please contact National Home Doctor Service. 

Medicare card holders are bulk billed (directly to Medicare). Overseas Health Care Insurance card holders at billed privately. A refund of 100% can be claimed back via your insurance provider. 


National Home Doctor Service


National Home Doctor Service 

Telephone: 13 7425 or (13 SICK)                                                                                 




Please check the fees and how to pay when you phone.


Home Visits (Campus)


Home visits are available at lunchtime on campus to patients with disabilities or those to sick to visit the surgery.




If you can’t attend your appointment, call 9385 5425 before your appointment so we can allocate your appointment to someone else. A minimum of 4 hours notice is required. A cancellation fee of $40.00 will apply for non attendance / appointments not cancelled in advanced. 


Diving Medicals, Insurance Medicals & Medico Legal Matters

Speak with our reception staff to discuss further, obtain costs or arrange an appointment.