Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV)

The recent  MERS-CoV outbreak in Korea has highlighted the risks we face from the transport of infectious diseases in this age of frequent international travel.

As a University with a diverse overseas student population we need to remain vigilant and take adequate and measured precautions to reduce the risk our community may face.

Currently there are no travel restrictions to and from Korea and there is no specific screening on entry  to Australia. Nearly all cases have occurred in a health care setting and relate to the index case.

The basic advice for students or staff travelling to Korea  is to stay away from people who are ill with Respiratory illness and do not visit hospitals where MERS Cases are inpatients.

If you develop any type of respiratory illness over there or here you  should seek medical advice.

If students or staff  are to visit the Health Service and they feel they may be at risk of having contracted MERS then they should come in wearing a mask which are available outside the Health Service in the Infection control zone we have created for the Ebola risk.

Further information can be found in this factsheet.

Students or staff travelling to or from the Middle East need to take the same precautions if they return with a respiratory illness.

Please contact the Health Service if you have any other concerns.